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Hand Hygiene : Proper and frequent handwashing is vital to help combat the spread of viruses.
Cleaning Products and Protocols : Our hotel use cleaning products and protocols which are
effective against viruses.
Wear mask : For the safety of our guests, hotel staff may wear masks.

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•Fill in health check sheet and Measure a fever
•Sanitize your hands and fingers with alcohol disinfectant
•Please tell us immediately if you feel ill with such symptoms as fever, chills, and coughs

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

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In the long history of the Hotel New Grand, a place that truly represents the international city of Yokohama, we have been honored to welcome many celebrities over the years, including historic figures such as Charlie Chaplin, Babe Ruth, and General MacArthur.

The Hotel New Grand consists of two buildings, the Main Building constructed in 1927 and Tower Building constructed in 1991. From rooms with luxurious interiors and classic elegance to stylish rooms having a modern design, you can select the perfect accommodation to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

We offer complimentary WiFi access in all guest rooms and selected banquet halls. We have salat rugs and qibla compasses available. Ask a hotel staff member for details.

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