Grand Double (27.0m² / 290.6ft²) - Main Building

B Amenities

【The Standard Price】46,332yen(Single), 49,896yen(Double)

Upper Tower Double (32.0 - 34.0m² / 344.4 - 366ft²) - Upper Tower

B Amenities Lounge

【The Standard Price】48,708yen(Single), 52,272yen(Double)

Bay View Double (34.0m²) - Tower / Upper Tower

Tower - B Amenities     Upper Tower - B Amenities Lounge

【The standard Price】
Upper Tower/53,460yen(Single), 57,024yen(Double)

* Upper Tower guests are invited to enjoy coffee and tea at the self-serve executive lounge.
(Hours: 10 am to 6 pm)